Hotels Need to Keep Surprising!

Today’s world is a consumer centric one!

The hospitality offer need to keep on surprising in away that is worth paying for.  Hotels need to take advantage of their culture and environment - both offer design opportunities & our team recommend that hoteliers play on these to create unique spaces.

Successful design:

  • Changes the dynamic of & attracts business
  • Reinforces the hotel’s brand
  • Makes a curious customer a loyal customer


The team at MJ Architecture, McNally Design and the Irish Pub Company pride themselves on creating design concepts that work for the operator and work for the customer!



Atmosphere  |  we create the atmosphere which is the secret to success

Longevity  |  we design concepts that stand the test of time

Soul  |  we find the soul of the idea and then express it in every possible manifestation

Profitability   |   we base all our creations on sound business planning – not design indulgences



All clients deserve to PROFIT from business solutions with exemplary design ~ Our concepts are developed using sound business principles and are designed to maximise revenue potential

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